Magic Mountain Ibiza

It is a concept that has matured over the years, I have needed to travel and learn about life and my vision of life, to establish style and simplicity, returning to my origins… Ibiza!

About us

More than 10 years ago we started running the family business of embroidery and screen printing, now I have finally been able to merge my passions resulting

Each piece has been produced by MagicMountain Ibiza. has been handmade by me and my little team, my Husband who keeps our machines and my mental health running smoothly and our fantastic team of Guys and gals who keep our Screen Printing and Embroidery Workshop running smoothly so that I have time to play with fabric!

This technical expertise allows me the freedom to make each item different and special. We try to buy all the material in Ibiza or in the Balearic Islands in local stores. Unfortunately being an island for patch-work fabric we have had to bring some from outside. We also screen print many of our fabrics and all embroidery is designed by us and digitized by local companies.

My interest in creativity was born as a child. Growing up in Ibiza in the 70’s and 80’s. We lived in dusty houses Payesas (Typical Ibiza country house), we played in the street and spent the summer on the beach, a relaxed life…

I consider myself one of the lucky ones!. I’ve spent my life in two cultures, Spanish/Ibicenco by birth and best friends.

Foreign by genes, not everyone has had the privilege of wakening to the sound of goats & help milk them, and going to sleep on Mums lap during a impromptu Jazz session, all in the same Day!

Mum & Dad have unconsciously or not, introduced me to art via their various Talents, But I’ve been deeply inspired as a child by our great family friend George Steinbach (Russian George), Ohh!!  the pleasure, if he allowed us kids his wonderful felt tip pens, Secretly I always hoped he would let us look at his colourful and unfinished dwindles. Katrina’s paintings have transported me as a kid to wonderful dreams of naïf ibicenco countryside, Peter Hearn in film editing & Stefanie reproducing small special parts of the island in yeso (plaster) was responsible for opening my mind to use unconventional materials to express your art, Our dear Ibicenco neighbours Cati & Toni, showed me to love my birthplace and all its traditions.

The best was Christmas in Ibiza when our Finca would fill up with Glamour brought by the wonderful unconventional family I’ve been brought up in, the latest trends from London, Holland, Denmark, would keep me dreaming till summer, thanks to all of you and your funny ways, has come together.


At a very tender age (17) and thanks to good family friend I was given a special opportunity, spend a summer in Denmark, visiting, studying in a school (TeKO) and practising in various factories and design studios. I came away with my first stash of fabrics and a complete devotion to FABRIC!!.

After finishing Art School in Ibiza (Artes y Oficios), I’ve been lucky to spend some years travelling and living away from Ibiza, mostly South America and Andorra. I always  missed the images of Ibiza, Later on in life & wanting to make beautiful articles for my daughter Jazmin’s bedroom awakened this need again, because of this I’m transposing these images on to various  items, now I’m happy to present our line of comfy pillows with the essence of dreamy Ibiza.